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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  February 6, 2024 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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we got brad. all-s kill me, kennedy, cam, jamie lynn. sota it's the all stars.>> har >>ol all right, aaron. black history month today, 31 years ago, we lost a great tennis great arthur ashe from richmond, virginia. first black to win wimbledon. the u.s.lack t open, the australianre open. in fact, the greatest arena in tennis. his name not in familiar to us here. here in new york with the u.s. game. inals are played his passion and love for e the game overpowered all the exclusion and hate he had encountered in his life. congrats to him and his family and congrats to my pal brad baer on winning the horatio alger award. um, we have 10 seconds. >> dana, say something silly. d. jesse show is going to be great tonight. don't miss prime time. thank you very much for us. >> welcome to jesse walter's prime time tonight. >> the only reason the border is not secure is donald trump and his republican friends, joe biden, living in the twilight zone. u ever
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>> have you ever seen this much chocolate, at least in the cityo of new york? that's why people are hatinghato on me. >> the race card officially over, but oh, oh, oh. disney canceled conservative star wars actress gina carano strikes back on prime time. plus, cocaine, hippos. >> last night, we invited senator lankford on from oklahoma. t he's the republican who coauthored the border bill with democrats who admittedd the border never closes. >> he said he was in a meeting last night cond he couldn't make it. so we invited him on again tonight becausuldn't make we hat of questions like, why would
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you spend $20 billion on a border bill that doesn't close the border0 billio ? langford lankford told our team he didn't want to come in tonight to get his skult wan cracked in. he probably doesn't realize i'm a pussycat. >> he wrote the bill. i read the bill. why not tell me how it worksl. read? instead, lankford went on cnnt twice to talk with danona bash and jake tapper, anchors who cover ukraine's border more tha an his own. b why are republicans writing border bills with democratr s di to keep the border open, dodging fox and then selling it on cnn and? nobod well, because senators hope nobody would read thd reade bil they just smash it into the ukraine package and pass ith . >> and if the border bill failed, they just blame maga republicans until november. >> every day between now and november, the americanvembel people are going to know that the only reason the border is not securee is donaldump an trump and his maga. republican friends. it's time for republicans in the congress to show courag'e to show a little spine. >> biden's going to campaignessy
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on. trump didn't secure my border. good luck. goodt not be paying attention, but we're not that stupid. every migrant that crosses says says, thank you, joseph biden. biden opened the border, then played senate republicans for a talking point and won't stop until the treasury is empty. >> obama had half as muchmpty borderobama ha money as biden and deported millions donors. >>ch one migrants for cheap labr and extra consumption. democrat vs want voters,. and biden wants to be a minority. >> an unrelenting stream folkmmigration, non stop nonstop folks like me who werest caucasian of european descent b for the first time in 2017 will be an absolute minority in the united states of america. absolutely . n and already fewer than 50% of the people in america from then on will be white european. stuff.
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that's not a bad thing. that's a that's a source of our strength. >> now, in my new book, get it together , troubling tales from the liberal fringe, which you can preorder t right now on amazon. >> the first chapter tells the story of an open borders professor. >> he tries to convince mey that america should let in the entire third world. >> none of his arguments maded any logical sense until we delved into his childhoo hisd and the traumatic childhood experience that he shared with me. >> becausec childhrience i'm sun and understanding guy, explains exactly what motivates open borders fanatics. there's a revenge fantasy a playing out, and you'll have one of those aha moment ps at the end of the first chapter. >> get get it together for the aha moment now, through a trojan horse of compassion and vulture economics, the assault on america is being orchestrbeina rated by the sadomasochistic left and executives who are shielded from the pain. >> the ruling class just sees
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dollar signs. >> the law should create oppo for familiesscreate to come together for business to hire additional workers.t this bill is not just good for the border, it's also good forsn american business and for the american economy. fo still need a path of documentation for those who are already here. >> and we're not walking away from true immigration reform, includinatiog permanent protecth and a pathway to citizenship. o >> no, the corporations who control congress feast on low wagn loe workers and are insulated from the collateral damage we get from cormp bombing counties with caravans. the working man feel s schoo the impact on their neighborhoods, schools and streets. >> qualityls of life goes down. taxes will have to go up. use your common sense if you bring in millions of third world men in their teens and twentieshird from underdeveloped countries, many of them violent countries, most of them unskilled, uneducated. they come here sponsored by cartels and make their way into our neighborhoods. >> a percentage of thesen
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men will move in to street crime. >> they'll stick together and fly unde intr the radar and metastasize. a migrant moped. >> gangs already robbing women in new york. these thieves would ride up the behind their victims on the sidewalk, steal their propertyeves rid, and thee their getaway. the leader of the crew, identified as victor parra,ou will blast out a message via whatsapp that he is lookinag for phones power will send out specific orders for what type of phony is looking for. and the most challenging part for police is tracking down criminals with an indefinite amount of ids, making it hard to tell who's really who. they're essentially ghost criminal s. ory, no criminal history, no photos ,no cell phone, no social media. >> they're ghosts. ids.hey have no ids. they're un deportable in sanctuary cities in chicago, the local latin gangs are recruiting migrants. >> the second they step off the bus. >> we want to make some dinerof . then they go through smash and grab training and are deployedero. into the burbs
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to knock off luxury stores and then escape back into the shadows of the sanctuary city in chicago, leaving cops in the dark.a miam >> a miami man was lured to as hotel by two venezuelan women,by probably paroled by biden. >> he was then robbeduela and murdered a venezuelan gang called tren de agua was behind it. >> then one of the most vicious gangs in south america. noh americw they're here establg footholds in miami, chicago and new york. gangs well-funded, heavily armed. wethe border bill codifies biden's venezuelan parole place, so the president of the united states will be funneling gang members from venezuela alone to your neck of thes. woods, either wittingly or unwittingly. these latin gangs are building an army inside the country . n th >> as we saw yesterday, brigades of chinese migrants, communisuntry.t marching into our country, growing uncheckedhm . >> central and south american gangs are already here arr and thenh otheerican
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fighting black street gangs over turfightif and drug distrin routes. russian gangs, the mafia, ishe already established players. what kind of relationshiers.p ds the biden administration have with the cartels? >> wadminist have wie don't knos a mutually beneficial one., we they win, we lose. a fo >> loco is a former gang member and he joins us now. >> first of all,, how did you get the name >>? hi, how you doing? a thank you for having me. it's a pleasure to be on.ou >> i appreciate you and i appreciate your time. thank you. . ow, you're welcome, was that like a childhood thing? loco o welcomer please tell me s no charity, okay. yeah, it was>> yes, a childhoo. my, my. x my name is actually harvey silver. that's my. >> that's my father's name. okay, so you got a lot los of people coming in from the third world, a lot of them here detached from their families, young men, some teens, some twenties, many
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of them are going to gravitate to the streets just because that's what's available to them. how dangerous is this going to get? anytime any time i mean, any timeong, you have individuals that that that that need to belongneed t, they need to to be part of something that feel like like they're not part of something. you're alwayays goins going to e that element of of which direction am i going . so i believe with options having options, you gives with people you give people choices with no options. you don't have any any choices . therefore, you know, easy to turn to to to, you know, street gangs and criminal activity. >> how easy is it to operate as a street gang, as ann undocumented guy in a sanctuary cityar? >> it must be heaven on earth. y >> i mean, i couldn't say my mye rick, my early recollections
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of dealing with dealing with the matter was like my ownt parents migrating from from mexico and coming to to to the west coast. but i would like to say it wasn't a it was in a, you know,o a a luxury to say we're going to leave our family behind and leave it. we went behindo tr to go try ano something new. i would like to call theset ti migrants more refugees. and at that time, i can nee only speak of my experience, which was, you know, my family needing to be in a better environment, hard working family, responsible family. crimarents movedo th to the west l.a., venice, venice beach arear part, and crime was never a part of our of our background. noy, because i have parents that didn't understand the languagehave and didn't hava relationship with law enforcement, in a relationship with, you know, school administrators. of cours ministrae, you know,t gene
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people like those kind of guys like us. raellfirst generation fell throo the cracks. >> that was a very common stormy . so you're a dreamer,. i'm actually a doer.i'm no i'm not a dreamer. i'm a doer because of my my,th my, my shortcomings and because of the examples in my my parents, you know, put in front of me, i've been able to, you know, start my own businesso own, be proactive in o community, talk about my lived experience and kind of whatan i saw systemically and say, e on hey, there's options. >> there's choices here. sure. you turn to now you're on jesse watters primetime. you should be proud of yourself. so tim and these people aren'tt exactly refugees, thoughpe a lot of these people just want to leave their country because they want to make money in americae r. y to and what better country to do that than america? their claiming asylum, which'r is garbage and they're working d the system and biden's letting them get away with it. >> you knolet's w that.y know
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everybody knows that. i think i think it's a>> mattern of of circumstance, you know, to generalize the populatione th and say all mexicans are attributed to cartels, mexicans are attributed to crime. at, we can also lookic at what what what the backbone of america might be, which is the hard work the labort don' intensive jobs, the jobs that don't want to be picked utp bu other civilians here in the area. but we have again, you mentioned it earlier, you got cheap labopr, right? you know, when you're when pau're looking at paying somebody the minimum or less andt wage still take our ws for housing and still take our wages for a commitment and be predatory, of course, you you're left with less and the less options. >> i hear you. listen, we need immigration in this country. i ge we ge. we lt that. who but we'd like to choose who we let in. we don't like it foistede le upa us speaking. we could have this conversation
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all day long. and as much as i'd likll day e to, we bills can't. so we got to pay some bills, get to some other guests. but we appreciate you. we respect you. thank you. god bless. thank you so much. u, respe yi really appreciate ys well. thank you for having mer on the shohaviw. d is and of course, to understand, is to is to show empathy. i know it's really hard these days. an >>d that guy right there and that guy right there is the cause of why we're falling aparart.t. ty and but having a little empathy in going into your community ard saying, what are the needs and being first listend to as opposed to being on the couch and giving on t and saying, this b is what i think would make america better, go out there. all right. go out therets and and be grassd and go out there and connect with your local leaders in youhr community and see what's needed, see what would what your immediate area needs . well, i think that's the first thing. i use it because you alwaynow, s mrow if you don't lose it, you lose it. mr. logoco, than thank you.rmer >> the stuart kaplan's a former fbi agent. he joins me now. so, stuart, you have the fbi just sitting aroun d twiddling their thumbs while the entire
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third world comes here a. >> biden's letting it happen. no one gets on the phone with the white house and says, . joe, what are we doing here? >> jesse they have been banging on the front door of the white house for severaenl years nowal since trump departed office. the fbi had a very effective unit called the safe streetsfor. task force. that was a task force that's comprised of localit's lik and e law enforcement and the federal partners. partners that was one of the most sort of sought after divisions to get into as far as being a young and new agent, because it really had an immediatee effect effect on you know, going out ta there into the community and targeting those people that were very disruptive in tearing down the fiber of thehe united state unite.s. eral >> this is a unique situation because you have the federal ond government on the borders that are in a stand down position . they have been told to take a knee. you have state and local local i governments that have
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prosecutors that are unwilling to prosecute . you have, for example, what just happened in new york city, where you haver four threk four individuals that beat up a new york city police officer, get out of jail, snub their nose at all of us, not not put on a plane, a one way ticket and send it back to their country. who i mean, i have empathy for people, but that's just downright an insult, a slap in everybody that resides in the united states should be horrified that those individuals ar s not only were not prosecuted, but shamed us all, snubbed their noses, us nose at us, and just basically gave us the fingefingerr, literally e us the finger. what does that say for the countries outsid tewe the united states? >> how weak? how do we lookook tohe to the ra the world? >> the worst part is there's going to brt ise gang activity a terrorist attack and the politicians are going to blame willi for not catching it. stewards is a shame. it's a it's a real shame.'s and we got to get it together, a as i said at the top.
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great work with freelancers fiber. >> yesterday the media declared. that the biden presidency was in peril. and today biden provedy bide wh. he was asked about hostage negotiations in gaza. >> listen. there is some movement and i the don't want to i don't want to io mean, choose me cause there'ss some movement. there's been a response from the. there's been a response fromfrom
10:22 pm
the opposition. i but, yes, i'm sorry, from hamas. but it seems to be a little over the top. >> so. that's right there. al the reason why he's dodging the traditional super bowl interview, even softballs from o cbs are too risky. >> and now a new nbc poll says three quarters of the country say biden doesn't have the necessary mental and physical p health to be president. on sundao bey, the president said he just met with the french prime minister, who's been dead for 30 years. >>. ight after i was elected i went to what they call a g7 meeting. all the nato leaders went and t down and i said, america's back. and later on from germany, anmean from france, looked at me and said, i said, you know why? >> why how how long you back fo jr?
10:23 pm
biden sees dead people. but don't you dare ask pinderit. about it. >> how is president biden ever goin g to convince the three quarters of voters we're worried about his physical m and mental health that he is okay, even though in lasen vegas he told a story about recently talking to a french president who diet talkdh in 1996. >> i'm not even going to go down that rabbit hole with you, si r. we're going to go ahead and talk to mitt romney. you saw the presidenbit in vega, in california. >> you've seen the president in south carolina. michsa presi iw him in michigan. >> i'll just leave it there. i saw him and still in peril. >> now, american cities are being mismanaged into oblivion. e li >> the cauldron of homelessness, drug addicts, sts. t crime and migrant plus, traffic. that's the real killer. owed >> and you're not allowed to notice the chaos because if you do, you're racishet. hav >> have you ever seen this much chocolatn e lead in the citye of new york and then go down
10:24 pm
the line? look, look who's here. thise line is representative ofe city. that's why people are hating on me. >> we still have public safety t that we have to address.a we still have the unhoused that we have to address. i still have a budget that ik have to address. and i'm doing all of that with a black wife raising three black children on the west side of chicago. >>e of so the predominantly minority populations of new york and chicago elected mayors of color and the loudest critics of mayors of color aren't white or black. eric adams you need to not putd' tougs in our communityt . i mean, if you want to put>> loo something here, put something for the kids to learn, you should be lookine g out foro the people in new york. so that means all of these people. there's a lot of peoplople here. is full of places to sleep p right now that is elected officials. i just respect to the people here. chicageo chicagoo, with this mit overload. >> we don't have enough resources. we don'tt >> w have enough teace there's we keep here and there's not enough money. but then we spend $1,000,000,000 helping e spenpeople who don't live herr
10:25 pm
>> black mayors spreading migrants intino black neighborhoods is making people crazy. plus, we were told can't b black people can't be racist, so put the race card away. thisis i is a pattern that stard with obama. >> remember if you were against obamacare. racistagainst obamacare,. >> if you didn't want them to redistribute your wealth and bail out the banks. racistwant. from to kamala. from bush to fire marshal bowman. >> apparently, only white politicians can be criticized. legitimate. >> what did that a texas boy of impeccable credentials.e ha the black man. i chose to bs e a . >> this country has a historyof of characterizing black men who are outspoken, who stand ground, and who push back as being threatening or intimidating . so she's not even using a dog whistle. she's using a bullhorn to put a target on my back. l> don't let a fascist tel you what being woke be woke. don't be anti-blac tell k.
10:26 pm
>> he believes that your popularity or untapped hilarity or whatever rating you want to put it as is a function of sexisnctionm and racism. >> do you think that's true? >>well, are we talking about the media or people as it relates to the media ? i'm sure some of that is true. so for too long, black politician.r tos of neutralized, fair criticism of their policies, stewardshipd by playing the race card and impugning the motives of fair mindedng the americans o are merely yearning for results, frightening them into silence because nothing is as scalding as the race card, card. as if de blasio, desantis, newsom, cheney and trump, all white guys aren't under constant attack over their performance. some fare, some so today, prime time will be retiring. the race carmed and playing othr cards. cards that probably won't work, but will be fu time"n playing. >> tommy sotomayor is the director of a fabulous america and he joins me now. >> tommy, any time you criticize prime time, s becae it's because i'm straight. t tie hey, look, they have a lot
10:27 pm
of that going on. and i know lase wet time we spo, we spoke about football. so let me give you another one year. guyyou got a guy by the name of mike mccarthy and another guy by the name of mike tomlin . mike tomlin can't be fired because he's a greatom linn co. mike mccarthy needs to be gone because he hasn't won in years. ewell, guess what? super they both have won super bowl and mike mccarthbowly has a bet. record yet, and one is saved by him. the the can't be touched. that's what's going on with blacks. you can'blact say anything goodf be doing a racist. and it allows us to be able to sta to stay iy jobs sometime. eric adams. he's going to usmr. e that evenn though the people criticizing him are just as chocolatm are as he's they there and saying, hey, i'm so glad we got all this chocolate aroun d. >> so it's okay because itr jo preserves your job securitya jo even if you really aren't doing that good of a job. >> is that is that oka okay y ty in that case? >> look, this is blacks history month. what i would like, first of all, is that you to switch housesu toh hous
10:28 pm
with me because that's what needs to happen. we have all these black people. i don't know if you've seel e be video of the video of black saying the most wild. hey, i thought black friday was just i would go to the mall. m a it wouldn't be bad, but black people. so i'm disappointed about that one. and no that. w i'm really disappointed about black history month because i'm not gettin we cee stuff. >> but you can ask for itan because the world looks at u ass and say, well, so can we do it?o >> there's nothing wrongth with that gameg foris there's nothing wrong with playing it. if it gets you to keepk o job. >> and i don't know, tommy, i haven't seen your house. i might want to switchb. . >> well, that's the difference. i you don't want to switch house? no, no, no. because like eric adams said, i was at eric adams. i have a black wife and black kidsblack wi in there.f proble i got a lot of problems. and it will be hard foe r me to. you know, the only reason i do your show is so i can get away from the difficum. he stated that it was difficult for him to do his job because he got a black, white and black kids. what does that say about what's hoe? on in his hous
10:29 pm
no idea what it's like to be married to a white woman and be raising white kids in new jersey. >> i don't think he wants to trainn an. >> well, look, i look at people. like that, and i start thinking as if maybe i'm not using that card. i have i a little thing on mys h show called guiltless. and white people need to stoingp having white guilt. seriously, because i think it causes way more problems thanguy it solves. because the more you guys feel guilty, the morehewill we're goh to use that card. >> you're right. it's the guilt. you worki'll work on the guilt. >> you guys work on the cardat and call it even.. >> huzzah. that's. i think that's fine. all righesse: alt. y blact. >> happy black history month. tell me, black history month for you to make sure you go out and buy some black stuff. life and death in california. >> what is going on on american campuses now? what do our enemies want to influence? they want to influence
10:30 pm
the thought processes of our kids. if you say someone's prone on the wrong way, you can get kicked out of college. the jewish kids are hiding in their dorm, afraid to go to class. from the river to the sea, palestine must be free. that was allowed to be sat on campus. how did we get to this point? and can we stand up to it? poison ivy. pete hegseth streaming now on fox nation. sign up at fox nation .com. as a cardiologist, when i put my patients on a statin to reduce cholesterol, i also tell them it can deplete their q10 levels. i recommend taking an alcohol q10 cure it all has three times better absorption than regular coke q10. qnol the brand i trust is just as hard, but for bernie sanders winter blue sale is now on for a limited time. visit sanders .com. >> this is the most powerful pet owner eliminator in the world. no harsh chemicals, no chemical, no fragrances, none
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fill the infield like a rock concert mix in some superstar and turn them loose. a 500 mile flight for nascar's biggest prize. yes, the great american race, the daytona 518th on fox. >> monday's fox exposes today's most shocking stories. it's changed the way i see everything. with the return of america's most wanted, followed by the new weekly series, tmz investigates the stalker. are you insane? when the pursuit of justice, the original true crime series, is to the pursuit of the truth, when you hear what went down, you'll be outraged, too. fox monday's digs deep. america's most wanted, followed by tmz, investigates all new mondays on fox. he new >> fox news alert. the new york times is reportinyg tonight that rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel is set to stepep
10:35 pm
down from her role after the south carolina primaries. >> thin s comes after mounting pressure from inside of the party, including fro ide of tm former president donald trump, who said earlier this week he wanted to see changes at thee rnc. >> another fox news alert.s house have failed to impeachme homeland secretary alejandro mayorkas. the vote was just moments ago and four republican members, tom mcclintock , ken buck, mike gallagher and blakemore voted alongside to not impeach mayorkas. at >> at this point, jesse watters prime time is not sure. house republicans are capable of anything. record rainfall leaving with more than 300 mudslides, carsh, homes, debris just flowing down the streets. >>ebri damages may hit 11 billin dollars in millions liveil.
10:36 pm
in l.a.. >> well, jesse, look, i'm a m l native, born and i don't think i've ever seen this much rain sn'o fasts mu ano consistent before. we've had almost nonstop downpourdowns for literally. the last 48 hours now. and it is causing problems all over the state. take a look at this video here. dramatic footage showing l.a. firefighters rescuing a manwh who jumped in the dangerous waters to try to rescue his dog areahe l.a. area had been hit with catastrophic flooding in some areas. and take a look at this. a beverly hills residentok a sht this video showing vehicles in his neighborhood almost swallowe hillsd up after a muds, one of many mudslides that have hit. so cal in recent days. here's another one of them that happened in ventura county ,northwest of l.a. in the ojai area. >> that mudslide on servic sone road 33 ended up closing down both directions of the road as this is some really hilly, mountainous areas where this water and money is able to run straightwher down.were com these mudslides were common in several areas. all around los angeles as this atmospheric river continues
10:37 pm
to just pound californiacalifo with heavy downpours of rain. the weather, a bigrn danger anda big mess for local homeowners. n this is my house, actually. my son lives up the street. he came down banging on the door. he says, you got to get out here quick. that that's what woke us up we' at seven. >> and we're just not used to this kindre of rain out here. take a look at this. the normally nonexistent l.a. rivethxistent r is raging as a o of this storm, a sight not ofteft hern seen out here in son california has run off from all over the cit city y is beini channeled down to the pacific ocean. and jesse, so far, thim has sto, unfortunately, has killed at least two people, both pa whom died after they were hit by falling trees in the thrthern part of the statert. we'll send it back to you. all right. god bless you guys out there. thank you. naanks's onl. >> it's only february, but nancy pelosi and polity are already killing it. >> year 20 23 was a good year fr the pelosi portfolio. >> s&p was up 20%. >> the pelosi's up 65%. it?
10:38 pm
how does the wolf of washington do iert year after year after year? the buffet of the bay area of ts the trader of the house. it's not pillow talk, nancy. >> and polyp that big on chips had no idew a what was in theip chips bill biden signed. >> and over the last two months, the pelosi's are up nearly 85%. >> we only know this now because they reported their investments friday before christmas. sure, it was just an oversight . >> he was probably busy wrapping presents for his legion of vineyard workers. polyas wrappi wonder what he gau whose car he totaled. wh a screwed up arm shoulder in neck. >> just be careful asking nancy about any of this over the course of your career, hasnb your husband ever made any stock purchase or sale based on information he received from ? >> no, absolutely not.m iv okayed b. >> and whatever happened to the stock tradinat happeg bill inwh the house? it's like whoever is in charge, republicans or democratser i, nr
10:39 pm
gets voted on. elon musk backing this conservative actress's lawsuit agains t disney. gina carano joins us next. the biggest investigation in fbi history. more than 1100 arrests. i sacrificed my dream job to share this information with the american people. those involved must be held accountable. he's an innocent man. that's going to changel have narratives. >> no matter what your♪ political perspective is. >> oh, what a good time we will have you to make it up. try dietary supplements from voltaren for healthy joints. diamonds at historic lows.
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thermo x, our newest, most powerful fat incinerator ever. >> absolutely free. fo well, disney famously said, if you can dream it, you can do it for over a now disney's dre use dreams and ideas to entertainan us.e everyone from the most liberal family in california to thalein most conservative family in wyoming. >> disney never discriminated until now. three years ago, actress ginacoo carano was fired from disney. why? for speaking her mind. she was one of disney's most pha talented and beloved upnted a and coming actressesnd. oh. oh. >> so this is going to return unless you want to go another round. one of us is going to have i . n thon andto mov >> i was here first.big
10:45 pm
now, what you saw on the big screens, what you got in real life. carano has never been afraid of anything. she doesn't hold back. she's criticized social media censorship, covid, lockdowns, blm. she even said her pronouns were people who, you know, like r2d2 . >> she said, we need to clean up the election process by putting laws in place to protect us against voter fraud. >> shet vote said screamingsome at someone that they're racist when they're not. d and aa cowaa cowarone bully. everything she said, i'verd and said you've said isn't that controversial except to disney. >> said.o they fired her. quote. her social media postsher. denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable. >> but carano says disney hunted her down. wer >> quote, my words were consistently twisted to demonize and dehumanize me as an alt right-wing extremista . it was a bullying smearng campaign aimed at silencin smeg
10:46 pm
destroying and making an example out of me. todaaking any, she announced it with the help of elon musk. >> she's suing disne y. gina carano joins us now. gina, why do you think, afternk all of the things said and doned by actors and actresses of allou political stripes, you were specifically targeted? oh, that's a good question. i, i think maybe because i'm a bit unassuming, i am easy to work with. and i think sometimes, you know, ifd you asked anybodi on that set, they would say you know, i would i was the most non-controversial person. but i thintroversik like we've n all over america, you know, a lot of us are getting sick and tired. and so i think that i was a bit
10:47 pm
unassuming and standing up. and i think that's why i was targeted. >> what have you learned from all of this? i mean, you were o? one of the biggest perches in the entertainment field. >> and now next day you were canceled. what i've learned is that if this can happen to me, this cank happen to anyone. i and i'm easy to work with and i am passionate about what we do. i i'm always excited to be on set. i even worke ad with them as muh as i possibly could to resolve any issues that they had. but, you know, eventually you have a lina e and you know,i when that line gets crossed, you just have to say, enoughs e enough is enough. and if i look back o on,n and on what i if i would have caved and i would have done something that disrespected myself, then i wouldn't be doing any favors to the next generation, to my nieces, to your children. you knowt like s, and i felt lie
10:48 pm
i didn't have any children, i was a person that could could stand up and say some things and the things that i said were so gentle, they weren't aggressive. they were never with ill intent, they were never malicious. and that's how i know, becauseso i was so conscious that,ppen t ifu know, if this can happen to me will happen to you.e ne and if we just pass this alongxt to the next generationu know, st you know, it's just going to get worse and worse. well, it's good advice becauseth people, young americans, come up to me all the time and they say,time.they say jesse, i loveu say. i believe the same thing. but at my jo thingat mb or my c i can't really say that because i'll get in troubl e. what do i do? it's very hard to navigate this crazy that we live in. story in, you know, i guess your story is very inspiring to a lot of people. >> gina i have people at thesepe fan expos that i absolutely love, and i have them coming ups in tears and mass amounts
10:49 pm
and people come up in tears and just thank me for taking d, thank me for saying the things that i said and maat has made it all worthakes o matter what happens, that has made it all wortt alh it. and i, i really applaud elon musk and x and for for, for championing me in this lawsuit.a and i appreciate all your love and support out there, and i hope i make you proud while we feel that. >> thanks, gina, and good luckli on the litigation and keep us posted. >> thankkeep us post you. >> a professor becomes a butterfly to fight climate anxiety and she'll be flying into prime time next to be beautiful and healthy looking eyes. it shouldn't be a compromise. bloom of eye elimination developed by the experts of fashion. mom exclusively for the sensitive eye area the sensitive eye area to cleanse, nouris h
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nine 9999 with your percent interest for five years with no minimum purchase in store. >> only only at ashley. ladies and gentlemen, it is the moment we have all been waiting for. super bowl 58 is finally and we've got ourselves a rematch from just a few seasons ago. we're talking about the 49 ers colliding with the chiefs. it's good to have you here. our members and lots of you. this man has joined ed love. we are from draftkings. jones what do you think? people at home watching us right now need to know about sequels. six consecutive times we have seen the kansas city chiefs in the afc championship game. now the fourth time in that span, they'll go to the super bowl. they're two in one in the previous three. obviously that's did the niners a few years back a few years back if you remember against the eagles. they were underdogs and closed underdogs in that game last season. goodness who won that game? they have been tremendous historically as underdogs this kansas city team you go back over the course of the last six years, they are now over 90% against the spread when as underdogs.
10:52 pm
>> the line opened in this one as 49ers, two and a half point favorites in a sense shortened a bit. so with the niners, the short favorites in the super bowl favorites pretty good all time. >> 35 and 21. while the spread is a little bit tighter in a game like this, you're generally betting a winner when you bet the spread in the super bowl. >> you want to look the team that has won the super bowl is 47 at seven and three against the spread. >> all done. >> now, let's talk historically here. looking back, it's been titled super bowls 29 and 28. so a slight edge there. but we want to look at recently the last ten seasons the afc has been dominant afc seven and three against the spread in those games. all right good stuff jewels 49ers chiefs. it doesn't get much better than this first ever super bowl in las vegas. let's go new customers on draftkings sportsbook and bet $5 in pocket 200 in bonus bets instantly. that's right just dollars in pocket 200 bonus bets for new customers download the app ,use the promo code when you sign up the crowd,
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10:55 pm
g to work. why climate anxiety? what's the point if we're all goin goto die in ten years? some people treat their anxiety by gluing their hands to the freeway, interrupting sporting events or throwing soup at the monag sporti lisa. others deal with it through interpretive dance.. can dance cure climate anxiety. >> one professor at the university of colorado says ye s . >> meet beth asus, a professor who dresses and dances as a caterpillar, and then more and ca butterfly tinto as a way to heal her climate anxiety and spread awareness. dd >> what came to me was that i wanted to investigate this idea of the western tiger similarthas to caterpillar. >> so asking for i was a bigore westerwan tiger swallowtail caterpillar. i am now truly a western tiger. so my work now is really how can we use performance based methods to co-createcreate a survival mode, trying to build future for all life
10:56 pm
and the ecosystems upon which life depends. ich life >> professor of theater and environmental studies at the universit prf theateyo business joins us now. why do you dress up as afly? butterfly? ot o i think a lot of anxiety that people feel is around change and it could be change that happens to us or it could be change that we seek. but oftentimes change is scary n . so i feel like i want to go to the champions of change and i think that that's butterflies. they start out as these teenrtey little worms inside of an egg, e and then they make their way a and become a caterpillar. then they go into this chrysalis and have thien go inst mysterious dissolving within time. and then they emergeer out of butterfly. these beautiful creatures that are capable butterf of flight. and i have this feeling that we can learn from them how to navigate change in our own livechanges because they do it o
10:57 pm
beautifully. >> so people come to you out and they're freaking out about earth's temperature warming, and you dressarth up aa butterfly. >> do they feel less anxious afterwardsbutterel les? >> well, if we can believe wha what they've i think people doeo find comfort. i think people often feel kindfc of held when they're inside the chrysalis. many people don't want to come many out and show their brilliance to the world, but we say, yes, we need your brilliancbut we ie world. >> please emerge and come out. so people do find comfort in it's, you know, maybe not for everyone, but for thos not i who are interested in performance as a way to really connecperfort and to t start to feel these things through our bodies so thesough ourt always in our heads. because i think that's where the feelings can get kind of stuck. creacanbut if we start to move d be creative and be expressive, i think that we can really handle things and we can process our emotions. >> do you have climate anxiety or do you just enjoy halloween? >> i love and i think i do.
10:58 pm
>> you know, i think that, you know, i mean, when the u.s. military tells me that climate change is a national security priority, when the army, the navy and the air force all have climate action strategieslimate that on defense schools, i say, wow, our nation and the people who we pay our taxes to, to protect us believe that there are therei are changes coming that theyngy deem to be a security threat. so i thinkso i t that does i bee them. i trust these these people who e serve our nation and protect us. >> should seal team six dressx up as butterflies? >>dres >>ou. >> seal team six dress up as butterflies. oh, yes.ll say y yes. i'm going to say yes to that question. i will strik to thate fear intoe the hearts of all of our enemies. >> that. thank you very muchearts oh. >> i love you. you're welcome. thank you so much for having" us. >> as we mentioned at the
10:59 pm
top of the show, get it together, available for preordert toble fo right?funnie people are talking about it being the funniest book they've everstey hav read. i i would agree. just incidentally,wo one ofs the chapters we wrote about was an antenatal list, not having childrenhildre because she doest want to bring children into a world that will meltg chil cle change. i also spoke to a person who blocks trafficalso s a livin >> he sits in the style mi cancer that criss cross in the middle of a freeway and he tells me about the experiences, people coming out and trying to punch him in the face. it's eye opening and it explains 's everything about the about liberal vantage point. it's not t, it seems. it's all emotional. we break it down. emotionyou're going to love it. >> to some texts. >> josh from redbank, new jersey. that was a terrible r2d2 w impression. as a terrisounds more like this. >> people. >> if i did a good r2d2, i'd
11:00 pm
lose all credibility. what little credibility i havewh left mike from midlothian, texas. >> can you imagine the uproahias >> trump said, look at all this vanilla in the room. >> terry from gardendale. i don >> i don't have climate anxiety. i have migrant anxiety gang. just dress up like a butterfly. fl uy away from ms. 13. >> gary from florida, did you call? ank? hey, we know each other, by the way. >> not related to brubeck. okay. locod to, burbank, distant couss . i'm waters, and this is mynnity. world. >> hi. welcome to "hannity". a lot of news tonight to cover. mayor eric adams, new york city. well, his disastrous illegalr ei immigration policies, they are


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